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Company Profile


Khatir Machine Co. is founded since 1991 as a leading manufacturer of Auto Equipment and industrial machinery.


Activity Records:

-          1991-2006 : The sole provider of Locking Wheel Hubs for production line of PARS-KHODRO Co. –the largest 4WD vehicles manufacturer in Iran- in field of NISSAN(van, Hard Top, Pickup, Xterra,…) and JEEP(sahra) vehicles.

-          1997-2010 : The only provider of Locking Wheel Hubs and Clutch shafts for MORATTAB Co. – The oldest Manufacturer of 4WD vehicles in Iran- in field of Land Rover (series I, series II, Defender, Santana) and Pazhan vehicles.

-           2001-2006 : The only provider of Locking Wheel Hubs and Steering box components for production line of FAT-H Co. in field of TOYOTA Land Cruiser vehicles.          

-          Designing and Manufacturing of more than 10 models of Automatic/manual Locking Wheel Hubs for all Vehicle Manufacturer Companies in Iran, OEMs and after market costumers.

       -          Manufacturing of kinds of Axle Shafts, Disk Drums, Brake Drums and Gears for Auto after market costumers and OEMs.

      -          Designing/Manufacturing Gravity/Pressured Die-Casting Parts, Forged Parts, Sand Casting Parts plastic Moulds…

      -          Designing/Manufacturing Special Machines in field of Metal Forming Press machines, CNC Twin Spindle lathe, Robotic part catcher, Hob Accessory for Milling Machine…

      -          International Marketing development, and Establishment of International Sale Agent In Dubai, U.A.E  

      -     Designing/Manufacturing Fully Automatic  Bandsaw Machines for metal cutting.

      -     Designing/Manufacturing huge scale ceiling fans for use in large workshops.    

Certifications and awards:

-          Certificate of "Innovative Designing" for designing of Enhanced Locking Wheel Hubs for 4WD vehicles, from IROST "Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology"

-          PARS-KHODRO Co. Certifications of Test of Operation and Durability in field of Locking Wheel Hubs for NISSAN and JEEP vehicles.

      -          FAT-H Co. Certification of Test of Operation and Durability in field of Locking Wheel Hubs for TOYOTA Land Cruiser vehicles.

      -          ISO 9002 Quality Management System Certification  from BQR U.S.A in field of Production of Locking Wheel Hubs

      -          ISO 9002 Quality Management System Certification from IEC U.K in field of Production of Auto Power Transmission Equipment.

      -          Certificate of Support and Earnest Cooperation with Regional Universities and Research Centers.

      -          Certification of Contribution in Domestic and International Fairs and Shows.

      -          Note of Winning the "Arch of Europe" Award in the Gold category for Quality and Technology – Frankfurt 2006-

      -    Invention Certification for Fuel-Card Alarm.

      -    Invention Certification for Radio Controlled Large Scale Ceiling Fans.


Some of Co-operator Universities and Research Centers:

-          Sharif University – Complex of Industrial Research and Development

-          Iran Standard and Industrial Research Organization

-          Tarbiat Modarres University

-          Raazi Metallurgy Research Center

-          Mazandaran University of Technology

-          Elmo Sanat University – Behshahr deputy

-          Many private companies for laboratory and testing cooperation.

In Use Spaces:

 Total Factory Area: 2300 M2

         Production Area: 1320 M2

         Stores: 2 x 110 M3

         Offices Areas: 2 x 120 M2

Head Office: 150 M2 




Contact Information

Central Office:

+98 (111) 2227675
+98 (111) 2292584
Postal address
No.5 & 7 Kargar Sq. - Babol - Iran
Factory : 
+98 (111) 2259356-9
+98 (111) 2259357
           No.782 - 3th Kilometer of Qa-emshahr road - Babol - Iran
Electronic mail
General Information & sales :
Customer Support:

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